4 Signs it’s Time to Call an Emergency Air Conditioning Services in Jacksonville, FL!

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Do you feel like you are living in a sauna? While it may be nice to have the windows open, things can get out of hand quickly when temperatures start to rise. If your air conditioner is struggling to keep up with the heat or if it’s just not working at all, then it might be time for planning out emergency air conditioning services in Jacksonville, FL. These services are designed to fix any issues that come up without any hassle on your part. Here are 4 signs that indicate you need professional help!

  1. Rapid Cycling

If your AC is turning on and off frequently, then you need a professional to help. This could be due to worn-out parts or an obstruction within the unit’s internal components. Either way, it means calling in the pros!

  1. Unusual Noises

When your unit is turning on, you should hear a click or the sound of moving air. If this noise stops after a few minutes, then it’s probably normal for your specific system. However, if the same thing happens every time you turn it on and no cold air blows out at all, that could be an indicator that something is wrong with either the fan or blower motor within your AC. This means calling in someone who knows what they’re doing! Remember, if you are hearing new noises that have not been there at the time of AC installation services in Jacksonville, FL, it means there is something wrong.

  1. Unpleasant Smells

If any unpleasant smells are coming from your AC vents when you use them regularly throughout the day (especially during hot summer months), then call for help right away! Like rapid cycling above, unusual odors can stem from blocked/clogged components or a faulty motor. Either way, this means your unit requires residential air conditioning services in Jacksonville, FL.

  1. High Indoor Humidity

In addition to being uncomfortable, high humidity levels in your home can cause several problems. For one thing, it encourages mold and mildew growth which is both unsightly and unhealthy for you and your family. It also prevents wood from drying out completely so any exposed surfaces could warp or even rot! This means that if you have an AC but the humidity around the unit remains consistently high regardless of what settings you use on the thermostat (especially during summer months), then something might be wrong with either its internal cooling components or some outside mechanism like a broken fan blade. Either way, call a technician who knows how to fix this problem!

When the heat is unbearable and your air conditioning goes out, who do you call? We can help. Indoor Comfort offers emergency air conditioning services in Jacksonville, FL to keep you cool when it’s too hot outside or if your AC unit has gone on the fritz. Don’t sweat it; we’re here for all of your cooling needs! Give us a ring at 904-906-7603 today if you need an expert opinion about how to fix any issue with your HVAC system, want more information about our 24/7 emergency service availability, or just want some general advice on keeping yourself safe during this brutal summer season. Our team looks forward to serving you soon.

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