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When it’s time for top air conditioning maintenance services Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding areas with Indoor Comfort

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Smart homeowners know that planning ahead for the best AC Maintenance Services Jacksonville FL and surrounding areas actually saves them money over the long run. With an Indoor Comfort twice-yearly air conditioning maintenance plan, they can look forward to lower utility bills, fewer repairs and longer useful lives for their equipment.

How to tell when you need A/C Maintenance Jacksonville FL

But if your HVAC system hasn’t seen professional care for a while, problems are likely to arise unexpectedly. To avoid these problems, which have the potential to be very costly, the best option would be to search for HVAC companies in Jacksonville, FL. Indoor Comfort provides the air conditioner maintenance Jacksonville, FL for all types of HVAC systems in Jacksonville, FL

When odd things start happening in your heating or cooling system, reach out immediately to an insured, licensed contractor like Indoor Comfort. The longer even a minor fault continues, the more damage it can do over time, making repairs more expensive, with costly parts. Worse still, expensive equipment (or even the entire system) may have to be replaced, costing thousands of dollars that might well not be included in the budget. 

Warning signs that a/c maintenance is needed urgently include strange noises and unpleasant odors wafting from registers and grills. This indicates that you need to be calling for AC services Jacksonville, FL. Thermostat readings may be inaccurate, with patchy temperatures, with ice forming on coils and water leaks that can damage floors and furniture. Worse still, utility bills may be rising month by month, as comfort decreases.

Comprehensive AC Services Jacksonville FL

The good news is that air conditioning equipment lasts around 40% longer, when regular ac maintenance services in St Johns and surrounding areas are handled by an insured, licensed contractor like Indoor Comfort.

In fact, adopting a whole-home approach to electricity consumption can slash energy outlays by up to a third. This is because poorly maintained (and inexpertly installed) HVAC systems operate inefficiently, losing much of the energy that they consume, with disastrous long-term effects on utility bills.

When to call air conditioning maintenance companies Jacksonville, FL

When air conditioning maintenance in Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding areas is scheduled for spring and fall each year, a certified HVAC technician can lower utility costs by tuning up your HVAC system in just a few hours.

Here is the half-yearly air conditioner maintenance checklist drawn up by Indoor Comfort, making sure your HVAC system runs smoothly all year round:

  • condenser and evaporator coils are cleaned and straightened, keeping refrigerant pressure at the right level.
  • crankcase heater is inspected, to avoid compressor failure;
  • refrigerant levels are checked and topped up if necessary;
  • leaks are noted for subsequent ac repair and heating repair services, particularly refrigerant, water, gas or oil;
  • condensate drain must be clear, not clogged by debris or algae;
  • air filters are replaced and preferably upgraded, particularly during lockdown and quarantine periods;
  • thermostats are cleaned and calibrated, considering the possibility of upgrading to a smart model;
  • motors are inspected, cleaned and lubricated, ensuring top efficiency;
  • capacitors are tested, to avoid compressor and motor failure;
  • air blowers, fans and blades are checked, cleaned and adjusted, to ensure steady airflows;
  • belts and pulleys are tested and adjusted, as they stretch, crack and break with age;
  • wires, relays and contacts are inspected, cleaned and tightened.

Before signing off on each job, our NATE-qualified technicians check that the entire system runs smoothly, starting up and shutting off correctly. All these steps ensure that your window unit, central ac equipment or ductless mini-split systems operate efficiently throughout the year, extending its working life, with lower utility bills, fewer repairs and replacements.

COVID-19 precautions during air conditioner maintenance in Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas

Raising the standards of excellence required of all Indoor Comfort employees in a post-pandemic world, technicians are screened for fever or malaise before assignment to a/c maintenance in Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding areas. Their toolkits now include hand sanitizer, facemasks and disinfectant wipes. For added peace of mind, they comply with the latest best practices recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC): wearing masks, social distancing during repair visits, and wiping down surfaces, well staying well away from family members. Even their iPads are sanitized before use, allowing customers to sign digital documentation confidently.

Audits and upgrades during a/c maintenance in Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas

When booking an ac maintenance call, savvy homeowners know that investing in an energy audit is a budget-smart decision. With ac services and heating services accounting for well over a third of monthly energy consumption all year round, it’s worth contacting your local electrical provider for info on scheduling an energy audit, especially for a home that is more than a few years old, or if utility bills are rising as comfort decreases.

An energy audit enhances family comfort, while slashing utility bills, as a detailed audit report provides an overall view of energy consumption – and losses! Long-hidden problems – like air leaks and dysfunctional ductwork – are noted for with suggestions for cost-effective ac replacement services that boost efficiency.

Fix it fast with the AC maintenance service professionals

If you want the best air conditioning maintenance service, Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding areas for your home and family, talk to the indoor air quality experts at Indoor Comfort: 904-906-7697.

Call Indoor Comfort at 904-503-7703 now to request a new system consultation and bring the cooling relief of a new air conditioner into your home!


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