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Picking the best ductless mini-split systems in Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas with Indoor Comfort

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Almost 90% of homes in the USA have some form of air conditioning, particularly in places with year-round summer, like Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding areas. But in sunny Florida – where electricity costs some 40% more than elsewhere in the USA – experienced contractors like Indoor Comfort air conditioning services in Jacksonville FL know that out-of-control cooling costs can wreck this year’s staycation-strained summer budgets.

When to opt for ductless mini-split systems installation in Jacksonville FL and surrounding areas

Quiet, compact and unobtrusive, space-saving ductless mini-split systems are the perfect choice for small apartments and stand-alone backyard facilities like pool houses, studios and work sheds.

Easily switched on and off, they are a boon for busy kitchens, where hot stoves and lively family meals impose brief but heavy burdens on the central air conditioning systems in larger homes. A wall-mounted heating, ventilation and air conditioning system in Jacksonville FL unit turns a rarely-used guest room into a safe sanctuary for anyone with allergies or isolating due to a positive COVID-19 test, with no crosscurrents of contaminated air linked to central air conditioning ducts.

Fast and easy ductless mini-split systems installation

Wall-mounted, these small but powerful ductless mini-split system devices take only a few hours to install, with very little mess. For a single room, half a day is enough for a certified technician to drill a three-inch hole in an outside wall, run the electrical wiring and refrigerant piping through to the indoor unit mounted high on a nearby wall, and bolt the outdoor unit firmly in position on the ground or against the wall. We try to make the process as easy as possible with the least time spent. Our HVAC companies in Jacksonville FL and surrounding areas ensure that the comfort of your family comes first.

Larger models provide ductless heating and cooling to four or even five separate zones, with the installation of each indoor air handler taking only a few hours.

Sizing is crucial for ductless mini-split systems in Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas

Generally, more energy efficient than central heating and cooling systems, HVAC ductless mini-split systems in Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding areas offer an added advantage: each indoor unit operates independently through duct zoning, while variable-speed fans save costly energy when in operation. What makes mini-split systems stand apart from HVAC systems in Jacksonville, FL? Individual comfort!

As a rough guide (which obviously does not replace expert advice from a licensed contractor like Indoor Comfort), here are the room sizes that can be cooled by a single mini-split unit, with the necessary output shown in British Thermal Units (BTUs). For a multi-zone unit, add the related BTU values together to establish the capacity of ductless mini-split systems in Orange Park, FL, and surrounding areas.

Area to Cool
(square feet)
Capacity Needed
(BTUs x hour)
Average bedroom 150 – 350 6,000 – 8000
Average living room 350 – 700 9,000 – 14,000
Average family room 700 – 1,200 18,000 – 21,000
Average great room 1,200 and up 23,000 – 25,000

Half-yearly ductless mini-split systems maintenance in Jacksonville FL saves money

Connected directly to the outside world, ductless mini-split systems draw in constant streams of fresh air, rather than recirculating possibly contaminated flows through a closed system. Particularly valuable for more vulnerable people who are immuno-compromised or severely allergic, these compact HVAC units offer strong protection against bio-contaminants like bacteria, germs, microbes and viruses, while trapping allergens such as pollen and other pollutants in high-grade filters. Like tiny but efficient dehumidifiers and purifiers, they also remove moisture and particles while cooling the indoor environment.

As fresh outdoor air is drawn constantly through the system, coils get dusty, dirt builds up around vents and filters clog. In order to ensure top-quality ac services and heating services, half-yearly maintenance keeps ductless mini-split systems running smoothly for two decades or even more, with low utility bills and minimal HVAC ductless mini-split systems repairs, with no expensive air leak patching or ductwork cleaning.

Are ductless mini-split systems installation in Jacksonville FL cost-effective?

Smart buyers know that getting the best possible value for their hard earned money means a lot more than just grabbing the lowest-price unit on the market.

The most obvious downside of these energy-efficient HVAC units is the upfront cost, which may be 30% more than central systems (but with no complex ductwork to install and keep clean). Moreover, tax rebates, credits and incentives bring Energy Star prices down to competitive levels, with lower utility bills rapidly offsetting ductless mini-split systems costs for purchase and installation.

Moreover, their useful lives can be twice as long as those of other HVAC equipment, with minimal ac repair and heating repair services needed in future. Should ac replacement services be required at some point, this is a fast, clean, and easy job that takes only a few hours, with minimal labor costs and almost no disruption of home or workplace routines. Our ductless mini-split systems repairs here in Jacksonville FL provides the best work possible to ensure that you get the best out of your HVAC systems in Jacksonville FL.

Normally not operating around the clock, ductless mini-split systems with impressive SEER ratings are designed to run longer than traditional HVAC systems, often in low-power mode, rather than at energy-gobbling full capacity, with lower monthly energy consumption.

Comparing an older SEER 8 air conditioner to a state-of-the-art Energy Star SEER 16 unit running 2100 hours a season, a replacement would save $661 a year. Over the twenty years of its lifespan, savings would top an eye-watering $13,000!

Talk to the ductless mini-split systems professionals in Jacksonville FL

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