For Year-Round Comfort, Pick the Best of All AC Replacement Companies in Jacksonville, FL

AC replacement companies in Jacksonville, FL

In today’s world, cool, clean rooms are vital for family health. No longer just a matter of comfort, efficient AC repair and AC installation services provide active protection against pollutants and bio-contaminants, especially in homes with vulnerable residents, like immuno-compromised patients, newborns and seniors.

A tricky choice: AC repair or replacement?

Even the best air conditioning system has a lifetime of under fifteen years. So when your aging AC repair is going to cost about half the price of a new AC installation, it’s worth getting a couple of competitive quotes from trustworthy AC replacement companies in Jacksonville, FL.

Making a smart decision on AC installation

When a system has been operating for eight years or more, here are some signs that it’s time to consider a new AC installation:

  • energy bills rise steadily, with weak airflows and patchy temperatures;
  • air quality is poor, with stale, musty airstreams;
  • odd clanking, popping or grinding noises echoing through the ducts;
  • repairs are becoming expensive and more frequent.

Expert advice with professional AC services

Minor repairs – like a clogged condenser or fraying fan belt – extends the working life of all HVAC equipment through regular AC services, of course. However, older systems designed to work with R-22 refrigerant are nearing their scrap-by date, replaced by environmentally-friendly Puron (R410A).

A smart decision: choosing the best maintenance, repair or AC replacement services in Jacksonville, FL

No matter what kind of AC services you need, always opt for a bonded, insured and licensed contractor. It’s cheaper over the long term – and your peace of mind is beyond price.

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