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Soaring summer temperatures demand top-quality air conditioning services in Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding areas, with Indoor Comfort

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After the hottest summer on record last year, the next few months are tipped to break even 2019 heatwave records. This means that efficient air conditioner services Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding areas are a must for homes and offices emerging steadily from lockdown.

Best ways of keeping families cool with efficient AC Services Jacksonville, FL

When checking out residential A/C services Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding areas, budget-minded homeowners are spoilt for choice. Options range from basic window units and ductless mini split systems for single rooms (or even small apartments) through to whole-house cooling by central air conditioning services running on either electricity or energy-efficient heat pumps.

Although priced higher than window units, mini-split models are far more energy efficient, saving money over the longer term. Cooling only specific areas, they are the perfect choice for places where cool air is required only sporadically in larger buildings, like guestrooms and offices in Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas.

For stand-alone structures like garden studios and workshops, modern ductless mini-split heat pumps cut cooling costs by 30% compared to conventional room air conditioners. They use 60% less energy than standard home electric resistance-based heating systems, because they merely transfer heat instead of generating it.

A favorite choice for larger homes and businesses, modern central air conditioning services guarantee cool, comfortable summers with even temperatures everywhere.

Unlike other HVAC companies, we provide fast-response emergency air conditioning services Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding areas

As temperatures soar, air conditioning services in Jacksonville, FL , and surrounding areas battle to cope with rising demands on overburdened equipment. But homeowners can relax, knowing that the emergency AC services Jacksonville, FL offered by Indoor Comfort are just a phone call away, ready to swing into action as soon as a system goes down.

By keeping the 24/7 contact number of a dependable AC services company Jacksonville, FL, – like Indoor Comfort – on fast-dial, responsible heads of families can relax, confident that a NATE-certified technician is always on standby.

Health and safety through a/c conditioning services in Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas

In today’s uncertain world, choosing top-quality a/c conditioning services (with a little help from the experts at Indoor Comfort) means more than just ensuring summer comfort. Picking the best air conditioning services wisely is now a matter of health and safety – as well as a smart investment in comfort.

For homes or offices with cooling systems installed a decade or more ago, it’s time to think about the best ac replacement service. For a major investment like this, financially-savvy homeowners and office managers seek guidance from the experts at a trustworthy ac services company like Indoor Comfort, long familiar with local lifestyles and climate.

In fact, a qualified air conditioning services consultant may well suggest upgrades rather than replacements, particularly for a post-lockdown world where uncertainty still reigns. Inexpensive improvements to HVAC systems in Jacksonville, FL already in place can provide massive benefits in terms of better health and added peace of mind.

Healthier homes and offices through ac services upgrades and retrofits

Steered by expert advice from a reliable ac services company like Indoor Comfort, switching to higher-rated MERV and HEPA filters is an easy step for ensuring tighter control over airborne allergens and pathogens. Depending on the minimum size of the particles they trap, minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) filters are rated from 1 to 20.

The usual MERV ratings for home use hover between 4 and 8, trapping mold, dander, mites and aerosols. Ratings from 9 to 12 usually offer the best indoor air quality improvement for homes in Orange Park, FL, and surrounding areas, especially for people with small-particle allergies.

At the top end of the ac services range and designed for hospital laboratory use, HEPA filters are rated at 17 to 20 MERV. All HEPA filters must be certified as at least 99.97% efficient for removing particles as small as 0.3 microns.

Slightly more complex, UV lights installed professionally in ductwork or near cooling coils prevent mold and microbe growth, while also killing airborne germs, bacteria and viruses in St Johns and surrounding areas. Portable air sanitizers use UV light to neutralize up to 99% of germs, bacteria, viruses, and other airborne bio-contaminants.

Air purifiers fitted with high-grade HEPA filters remove allergens and other irritant particles, and can even trap virus-rich nucleus droplets and other particles, with no harmful side effects, leaving an entire room pure and fresh within a couple of hours. Many are portable, and can be moved from sitting room to bedroom as required. However, ozone generators are unsuitable for home use.

The best way to cut down on harmful mold spores is a dehumidifier. Ranging in size from whole-house to portable models, these units can be switched on as needed, whenever the humidity rises above 50%. Although a dehumidifier is effective in preventing mold and mildew, an energy-saving alternative is to retrofit a dehumidifying heat pipe to your existing air conditioning services in Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding areas.

Another fast and affordable upgrade is a programmable thermostat. Easy to install, this simple device saves up to $180 a year for budget-aware homeowners.

Investing smartly in the future through a/c conditioning services in St Johns and surrounding areas

As breakdowns become more frequent over the years, it’s time to compare the costs of ac repair and heating repair services in Orange Park, FL, and surrounding areas with the purchase and installation costs of new heating services and ac services.

If your HVAC system was installed a decade ago or more, the chances are good that your monthly utility bills may be almost twice as high as the running costs of modern equipment. Today’s best a/c conditioning services consume up to 50% less energy to produce the same amount of cooling as models dating back a few decades.

Look for Energy Star® seals and Energy Guide labels that indicate state-of-the-art technology with lower energy consumption. Based on the ample local experience of the air quality experts at Indoor Comfort, replacing an air conditioner that is ten years old or more (probably with a SEER rating of nine or less) may slash cooling energy outlays by up to 40%, particularly when choosing a newer and more efficient model with a SEER rating of at least 15.

Since 2015, the US Department of Energy has required new air conditioning units to comply with Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) ratings of 13 or 14, depending on location. But fast-paced technological developments pursuing maximum energy efficiency mean that some state-of-the-art a/c conditioning services now reach SEER ratings of up to 26 – and will certainly rise even higher as new models are launched on this rapidly-expanding market.

Energy-efficient residential air conditioning services reflected in SEER ratings

Looking at energy savings, here’s a concrete example recommended by Indoor Comfort  that saves you $500 during the average ten-year lifespan of an energy-efficient 20,000 BTU air conditioner:

  • 12 SEER = $219.83
  • 14 SEER = $188.43
  • 16 SEER = $164.88
  • 18 SEER = $146.56
  • 20 SEER = $131.90

So the high-rated 20 SEER air conditioner saves you over $50 a year, compared to a 14 SEER model. That’s $500 in your pocket by the end of a decade. So even if the 20 SEER model costs $100 more, it’s still well worth the price, for long-term savings.

Talk to the HVAC Professionals

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