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Picking the best thermostats Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas with Indoor Comfort


Although room temperatures are obviously personal preferences, many HVAC systems have optimum temperature ranges for efficient energy use. Check your thermostats installation Jacksonville, FL manual or ask the experts at Indoor Comfort about the most cost-effective options for stretching your HVAC dollar with no loss of year-round comfort.

Troubleshooting thermostats for homes in Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding areas

The ‘brains’ of your HVAC system Jacksonville, FL, tiny thermostats for homes are right on the front line for keeping families comfortable. Costing anywhere from under $50 to around $300, these unobtrusive temperature controls have working lives of ten years. But after a decade, ageing wires and dust may result in malfunctions that might need a full thermostat installation replacement in, and surrounding areas.

Here are four signs that your thermostats for homes might need replacing:

  • Your unit is unresponsive or the display is blank: the device might have burned out, or its batteries need replacing;

What now? Check the batteries in smart thermostats, Jacksonville, FL, and make sure they are replaced every year. If this doesn’t do the trick, call the experts HVAC contractor Jacksonville, FL at Indoor Comfort and discuss your best thermostat replacement options.

  • Your ac services or heating services are running all the time, and never turns off: this might be due to frayed wiring or a poorly-calibrated thermostats installation;

What now? See whether your thermostats Jacksonville, FL for homes is set at ON. They should always be in AUTO mode, so the blower works only when your system is actually cooling or heating the air. Also make sure they are set to HEAT in winter and COOL in summer.

  • Room temperatures don’t match the settings of thermostats for homes: fluctuating temperatures might indicate a non-functional thermostat, particularly in homes with HVAC systems that have not been zoned.

What now?  Turn your thermostats Jacksonville, FL for homes up or down 5°F. In winter, set the temperature 5°F higher than usual, or 5°F lower than normal in summer. After turning the thermostat up or down 5°F like this, you should hear a click, then wait a few minutes to see if hot or cold air flows in or out of your registers and vents.

●     Your ac services or heating services won’t turn on: this can be caused by accumulated dust or faulty wiring in the thermostat, so electrical signals don’t get through to cooling/heating units;

What now? Take off the thermostat cover and remove dust with a soft brush. If this doesn’t fix the problem, call in a licensed HVAC contractor like Indoor Comfort to test the wires and tighten connections. If your device is over ten years old, it’s time to replace it with energy-saving smart thermostats.

Savings through tweaking thermostats installation Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding areas

For summer savings, just raising the ac services setting by a mere 3°F might reduce cooling bills by up to a third. And winter energy savings can reach 15%, by simply lowering the heating services temperatures of thermostats installations in Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding areas by 10° for eight hours, while everyone is asleep or at work.

As a rule of thumb, homeowners save 1% a year on heating services for each degree smart thermostats Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding areas lower temperatures over an eight-hour period, with the added benefit of fewer heating repairs and heating installation replacements in Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding areas.

Talk to the professional HVAC contractor Jacksonville, FL about Wifi thermostats Jacksonville, FL and smart thermostats Jacksonville, FL for homes

For personalized advice on the best home thermostats installation Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding areas, contact the indoor air temperature control experts at Indoor Comfort: 904-906-7918.

Call Indoor Comfort at 904-503-7703 now to request a new system consultation and bring the cooling relief of a new air conditioner into your home!


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