Air Conditioner Maintenance in Jacksonville, Florida

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Jacksonville, Florida

We specialize in heating and air conditioning services in Jacksonville, FL, and also in indoor air quality services, air duct cleaning, and HVAC system replacement. We are a leader in AC repair in Jacksonville, FL.

Although you should service your air conditioner at least once yearly, some homeowners only remember their units when they break down.

Our experienced and licensed technicians perform professional AC maintenance for our clients, which involves a full inspection and cleaning. Such maintenance includes so much that can’t be covered here. For AC maintenance in Jacksonville, FL, call us now.

Here, however, are some of the things they do in the course of scheduled or routine maintenance.

What Does Our Professional AC Maintenance Include?

  1. Thermostat Check: Our technicians check your thermostat for proper installation, proper functioning, and ideal location, away from heat sources. They also calibrate the thermostat for accuracy.
  2. Clean or Change Air Filters: Our licensed HVAC technicians are aware of the essential role a filter plays in your AC. They either clean your AC filters or offer replacements.
  3. Lubricate Mobile Parts: Lack of lubrication results in friction in moving parts, leading to frequent breakdowns.
  4. Tighten Electrical Connections: Our technicians always check electrical connections to see how they’re faring and to tighten loose ones. To have your unit’s electrical connections checked or for complete AC maintenance in Jacksonville, FL, and nearby areas, Indoor Comfort is your best bet.
  5. Check System Controls: They check your AC controls to ensure it is starting properly and shutting down properly. In between, they also observe how well it is running.
  6. Compressor Check: We check your compressor thoroughly to ensure the wiring connections are in order. We also measure amperage.
  7. Clean the Condenser Coil: Our technicians clean the condenser coil to remove debris.
  8. Inspect the Bearing: They inspect the bearing as well, look out for wear and tear, and when satisfied, they lubricate.
  9. Inspect all Safety Devices: They check all safety devices.
  10. Inspect Capacitors: They also inspect your AC’s capacitors for signs of failing. When a capacitor is failing, early pick up is necessary to prevent damage to the compressor or fan.

When you maintain your AC, it takes care of your home. A regularly maintained unit rarely breaks down unexpectedly, and it works more efficiently, cutting energy costs. Call us now for your annual AC tune-up or AC repair.

For your air Conditioner Maintenance in Jacksonville, Florida, call us at 904-299-1326.

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