Signs of AC Maintenance in Jacksonville, FL!

AC Maintenance in Jacksonville, FL

Maintaining and servicing your air conditioner regularly can help you avoid minor and major repairs, as well as help the environment. Many signs indicate it may be time for some AC maintenance in Jacksonville, FL, including:

A higher electric bill than usual- If your bill seems higher than it should be, call an expert to see if there’s an issue with your HVAC unit.

A drop in energy efficiency- If you notice that your AC unit is using more energy than normal, it could be time to schedule a service. If you are having an old unit that is more than 15 years old, you should think about scheduling A/C installation services in Jacksonville, FL.

Frequent compressor cycling- When your AC turns on and off frequently or runs longer than usual, it might be time to schedule residential air conditioning services in Jacksonville, FL.

Higher than normal indoor humidity- If you can’t seem to lower the humidity level in your home despite running the AC regularly, it could be time to get service.

Longer than normal run times- If your AC runs for long periods, this may indicate a refrigerant leak. Don’t ignore compressor sounds, like knocking, rattling, or vibrating. This can mean that parts need to be replaced.

Low outdoor ambient temperature- If the outdoor temperature is lower than usual and you haven’t changed your thermostat setting, it might mean a refrigerant leak has occurred inside.

The air coming from your vents smells “musty” or similar- This could indicate mold build-up in the evaporator drain pan or water leaking into the unit from an improper seal outside around the condensing unit.

If you are experiencing any of the problems above, it’s best to contact your AC professional for some AC maintenance or an AC repair.

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